The Thickening of Everything
Album, 2018

Recorded by Ike Goldman in November 2018

This was the first album i worked on after i moved to brighton for university in september 2018. When i moved i started writing more songs again, after a lengthy period in manchester of working on loop based soundscape music. This was the first proper foray into recording these pop songs, after i got sick on halloween, read on the road for the first time, and then released a short ep of unlayered songs the next day on the first of the month (just me singing and playing). Here i started multitracking them with a couple of instruments, trying to make real songs. I liked these songs and recordings a lot, and i still do. I don't really remember why i never finished it. In the last few days of the month i wrote, recorded and released two parade, and after that i just never returned to these songs, even though i always intended to. The songs are presented as they were left, in the order they were recorded. I'm glad they can finally be heard. xxx

1. Thickening of Everything
2. Show
3. The Listeners
4. Bells
5. Wait is Waiting
6. Instrumental
7. Trees and Leaves