Reaper Songs
Compilation, 2019-2020

A collection of songs recorded during my initial forays back into the world of digital recording, after a lengthy affair with tape which was followed by an even lengthier pause in recording efforts. When making these recording i never had a direct purpose for them in mind like i normally do with an album or any other collection of songs, it was just a period of writing and recording some of the songs i wrote, similar to the as-yet-to-be-released 2021 'Pre-Pleasure Songs' compilation. The recordings began around November 2019, and continued through into 2020 up until my move back home to Manchester for the lockdown in march, during which i recorded Ike Goldman is Real In. I see these songs as a sort of warm up for that album, in which i relearned how to record digitally using a new software, which brought with it new ways of recording. The change to this software was very important for me and directly influenced where the next few albums went, all the way through to the Cardiff album, Violet Row. The songs are presented without a tracklist as of now, maybe i will add one sometime. I hope you enjoy them. xxx

Clarinet Songs
French Songs
I Believe in Mystery
Maybe I'm Wrong
Video Games
Christmas Cheer
Song for Niamh's Film
Sloth (alex g cover)
Lysergic Bliss (of Montreal cover)