Pre-Pleasure Songs
EP, 2021

Pre-Pleasure Songs is a collection of songs recorded in early 2021 before I started making Entertainment, Pleasure. The recordings were my first proper explorations into using the mellotron recording method that became my standard form thru to Violet Row, my 2021 Cardiff album. As with most of my recordings each song was done more or less in one evening, but unlike most 'real' albums I put out I haven't really gone back and mixed much, what you hear is basically what had at the end of each night. They are only sketches really, experiments in a new way of recording. But I think some of the songs are really great. I hope they are enjoyable and maybe shine some light on the album that followed. Ike xxxxx

1. Inhibition
2. Backdoor Key
3. Out to Play
4. Parallel Thoughts (first mix)
5. For a Tick
6. Sense and Doubt
7. Mindreader (2021)