How to Sing Your Baby to Sleep Two
EP, 2020

Recorded by Ike Goldman with Joe's 4-track on London Road, 30th August 2020

This is a little sequel release to my first how to sing ep. The idea of these records is that of a colleciton of songs all recorded in one day on a four track. Two guitars two drums four vocals (usually). These songs were almost all written while i was still in manchester, after i had recorded most of Real In. They were half intended to be for a follow up album which never ended up happening, but i am glad that they got captured for this release. I like the feel of this one, it is a lot less lofi than the first due to how i recorded it. I think there are some really lovely songs on here, poster boy is one of my favourites that i have written and if i could just play the song through i would love to record it properly one day. It's too hard for me right now. I hope you like the songs too. xxx

1. Time Will Tell
2. Sporadic Days
3. Have a Look
4. If I Don't Know/Beautiful Dreamer (pt 2)
5. Simple Pleasures
6. Lucid/Poster Boy (ending)