Fairytale on Rosehill and London Terrace
Radio Segment, 2020

Who: Ike Goldman (me)
What: This is a Fairytale I recorded primarily inspired by Brian Wilson's 'Mount Vernon and Fairway' (consciously), and Julian Koster's '2nd Imaginary Symphony for Cloudmaking' (unconsciously).
Where: At a flat on London Terrace that I lived on with Joe. The flat connected to Rosehill Terrace, a street upon which lay The Rosehill, a wonderful establishment owned by my friend Kas where I briefly worked (artistically) and hung (similarly so).
When: During the November lockdown of 2020. I loved the lockdowns and this one was a really high point for the pandemic. Joe had decided to stay with his girlfriend during this lockdown so I had our flat to myself and it was great. I set up a different station in each room, one for painting, one for recording, and one for writing.
Why: My course at university had been given the opportunity to put on a radioshow on Brighton's 'Platform B' radio station. For the first episode we decided to give any student who desired it the opportunity to create a 10 minute work that would sort of represent what they wanted to do, then going forwards we could maybe each do a full show exploring these ideas fully. I wanted to make a sound collage show that mixed a bunch of stuff, music stories interviews with friends. This was my 10 minute taster of that idea. Me and my good pal Hally Kelly eventually took control of the project and assembled the whole show one evening while high on lsd, acting as both curators and hosts. What we created was, in our opinion, a work in itself. Yet the station disagreed, and after some (very delayed) back and forth on edits, and an eventual breakdown of communication (on their part), the show was shelved and we never heard anything else from them. Fuck Platform B radio. We created something truly interesting and it was too much for them. I feel deep contempt towards the people at the station for this reason. I don't actually know any of them. I'm sure they're lovely wimps.