i can try a mile or fly away to float on silver shades but me i don't give in, i am slightly inclementing row around in southern jets but me i don't give in
three little birdies sitting in a tree i saw them there, one saw a manatee waking up to wait, in the simplicity making up a dream from far away, some periodically making up a scene
dim the lights dim the candles, shut the blinds close the curtains, lock the door undercover, get back into bed, close my eyes someone's talking in my ears, can't ignore it hold my head, noone's listening get back into bed
a matador runs through the parlor speaking of new methodical ways to slay the beast with, ambassadors passing the carpet nothing to say except the line they give until the end, conquistador making a play heading to sea best that they know it's nasty weather this year

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